Update on the CRISPR patent dispute

Andrew P. Han, GenomeWeb, 28 October 2016, https://www.genomeweb.com/gene-silencinggene-editing/crispr-patent-interference-likely-heads-oral-arguments-over-preliminary

The final deadline for filing written arguments related to preliminary motions has passed in the CRISPR patent battle.  One of the motions filed by the Broad institute claims that their patents do not interfere with those filed by UC-Berkeley.  In turn, UC-Berkeley has countered that the Broad Institute’s use of a smaller Cas9 and nuclear localization signal was the next logical step and therefore not patentable.  Additionally, UC-Berkeley claims that the use of a single guide RNA is separate from the larger dispute.  Together these motions create the potential for both UC-Berkeley and the Broad Institute to walk away with pieces of the CRISPR intellectual property landscape.

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