Pig Organs Could Provide Relief to Those in Organ Failure

Alice Park, Time Magazine, 15 February 2018, http://time.com/5159889/why-pig-organs-could-be-the-future-of-transplants/

Due to limited amounts of viable donated organs, thousands of people die each year in the US waiting for a transplant.  Scientists have long desired to find a viable replacement for donated human organs and may have one in CRISPR modified pig organs.  Pig organs are roughly the same size and shape as human organs, however the presence of viruses in the pig genome have proven a significant barrier to use in clinical settings.  Now a company founded by George Church has used CRISPR to inactivate these viruses and generated 15 pigs that could be viable stocks for kidney, liver, lungs, or pancreas transplants.

Author: Advanced Analytical

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