Flawed CRISPR Study Retracted

Megan Molteni, Wired Science, 02 April 2018 https://www.wired.com/story/a-flawed-study-shows-how-little-we-understand-crisprs-effects/

CRISPR has shown great promise as a therapeutic, but off-target effects remain a concern.  Last May a small case study determined that CRISPR therapeutics may lead to dangerous levels off off-target mutations, resulting in the shares of CRISPR startups plummeting.  Due to the inability of other scientists to reproduce this work, Nature Methods has retracted the paper.  This episode reveals is a genuine lack of knowledge on how CRISPR acts in cells and how many off-target effects are actually introduced.  Scientists have been working to answer these questions and develop technology to screen for off-target mutations, but to date not enough research has been completed to fully answer these questions.

Author: Advanced Analytical

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