Our Mission

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology has started a revolution in molecular biology. Never before has a technology spread as quickly or had such a profound impact on biological research.  The significance of efficient gene editing has been felt throughout biology, transforming research ranging from cancer biology to biorenewables to the management of disease vectors. Since its discovery in 2012 and the key publication validating its use in eukaryotic cells, the sheer volume of information, research papers and articles generated regarding CRISPR technology has grown dramatically.  Sorting through the volumes of published material relevant to their research can be daunting for both new and seasoned researchers.

Making informed decisions that lead to successful research depends on the availability to and reliability of information. At crisprupdates.com, we have three goals:

  • Present timely and relevant CRISPR literature updates.
  • We comb the internet for the latest in CRISPR research and updates published in scientific journals and reputable news sources. We then provide easy to read summaries so you can find what is most relevant to your research quickly.
  • Educate researchers on innovations and changes CRISPR technology.
  • We post original articles ranging from the history of CRISPR to pieces on the most recent developments in methodology.
  • Provide CRISPR protocols and methods.

We seek out the hottest techniques in CRISPR, covering everything from the initial gene editing to the confirmation of mutagenesis and everything in between.

With these goals in mind, we strive to be the primary source of information for researchers in their study of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing.