A direct comparison of dCas9 activators on transcript levels

Chavez, A. et. al. (2016) Nature Methods http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27214048

As the use of dCas9 for gene activation increases a variety of dCas9 activator fusions have been generated,  however  direct comparisons of these fusions  have not been performed.  George Church’s lab has now directly compared Cas9 activators in human, mouse, and fly cell lines.  Chavez et al found that the newer generation of activators such as VPR, SAM, and Suntag systems provided greater gene activation compared to the older VP64 standard.  The VPR, SAM, and Suntag systems all generally increased gene expression within 1 magnitude of each other.

Author: Advanced Analytical

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